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Foreign Trade-----How to Manage a High-efficient Team.

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Foreign Trade-----How to Manage a High-efficient Team.

1.  Set Goals&Plans 

The supervisor manages the process of employee goals. Make sure that employees have clear sales goals and plans: sales areas, business negotiation terms and target customers for which they are responsible.  All objectives to answer: How to find valuable customers? How to best serve the customers? How to solve problems in negotiation?  How to show our competitive advantages among numerous enterprises?  What value does your work bring? 

2. Learn Communication Skills 

When communicating with target customers, firstly, we need to understand the essential needs of customers, and whether they have the intention of long-term cooperation or just want to obtain some enterprise information. After confirming the purpose of the customer, we should highlight the professional ability of our team, emphasize advantages and characteristics of the product through reasonable use of business terms, try our best to stimulate the interest of the customer during brief dialogue and leave a deep impression on the customer. To treat customers as their own friends, friendly communication is the foundation of all successful orders  

3. Follow Three Early 

Early plan, Early check, Early reply to any business inquiry. The daily workload is very large, so how to efficiently develop customers,  improve work efficiency?  The most effective way is to adhere to this ''Three Early '' rule. Firstly, Early plan is classify customers by market demand, sorting out the detailed information of old and new customers to find out the more valuable ones to contact in advance. Secondly, Early check to screen out the visit of customers on that day, leave enough time to learn more about customers' needs through information given by them. Thirdly, Early reply to save customers' time cost, keep customers' patience, obtain more detailed and complete requirements, in order to better meet customers' aims.

4. Personal Growth

Personal growth team leads to team growth, team growth charges permanent power to the company. According to the talents with different expertise to develop different working mechanisms, to formulate corresponding growth model. Eg. T sequence represents the technical position, M sequence represents the management position. F sequence represent finance position. Each series has a corresponding ability to develop. In order to ensure the vertical development of talents. 

5. Performance Appraisal 

To improve work efficiency, improve the management level of individuals and the company.  A good performance system can not only improve work efficiency, but also an evaluation and promotion of personal ability.  Communication and interview between superiors and employees after performance appraisal are also essential.  From planning to monitoring to evaluation to feedback, every step is essential.  Incentive choose and employ persons with no doubt, incentive first.  In practice, the most effective way to improve the morale of the team is to report the targets and goals, only the proper competition can stimulate the maximum potential.  At the same time the incentive award is also very necessary at the appropriate time, the affirmation of personal ability is the biggest respect for the salesman.

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