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At Yuzheng our goal is to provide high quality products at competitive prices with expert and friendly service.

Since 2011 Yuzheng has been manufacturing and exporting stainless steel valves & carbon steel valves & pipe fittings all over the world. The articles we produce including Ball Valve, Check Valve, Globe Valve, Gate Valve, Butterfly Valve, Strainer, Pipe Fittings and so on. All of them are ISO9001 & CE approved.

“Quality is our culture.” It is not just our company motto - it’s our promise to our customers. Our strict production and professional sales team will be your guarantee during the cooperation, please don’t hesitate to join us if you are specialized in these products.
Jielai Wang
President/Inside Sales
Mr. Wang had valves and fittings in his life since 1994 when he worked in other valve company as a company management. He managed the company’s system, running processes and solve all the emergency situations. 4 years later (1998 year), he owned his first company-Wenzhou Yuzheng Valve Co.,Ltd. As almost 20years worked with valves and fittings, he knew the technology, price and local marking very well.
In Mr.Wang’s spare time, he enjoys swimming and cooking with his family.
Phone : +86-0577-86961077
Email : info@yuzheng-valve.com
Rebecca Wang
Vice President/Outside Sales Engineer
Rebecca married into a family whose lives centered around valves 10 years ago. With little to no knowledge of valves when she met Mr.Wang, Rebecca has joined the valve business and is currently the vice president. With her expertise with sales tips, she also succeed in outside sales. She sales valves and fittings to various countries, For example: Mexico, USA, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai etc, and know these areas very well. With a degree in information technology, she certainly is a computer networking guru, the valve world is now becoming more digitally controlled. Her combined experiences have given Rebecca a unique knowledge base from which to be a resource to industry.
When Rebecca is not working at the Yuzheng Valve Company, she enjoys relaxing with her family, reading and walking.
Cell Phone : 86-18072126939
Whatsapp/Kakao Talk : 86-18072126939
Email : info@valve-yz.com
Jennifer Cheng
Outside Sales Manager

Jennifer Cheng has been working as an outside sales manager for the Wenzhou Yuzheng Valve for over 5 years since she graduated from college in 2011. Who specializing in the field of industry ball valves & pipe fittings. She has a strength in Google Search, most of her customers from Google.
Interests outside of the valve world involve watching variety shows and traveling.

Mobile/Wechat/Whatsapp : 86-18969789294
Email : Jennifer@valve-yz.com
Outside Sales
Vitorria works as international trade sales since 2015. She is so enthusiastic about learning new stuff and efficient to reply clients and likes communicating with them.
With no fear of the challenge in daily work or life, she is always optimistic. During her leisure time, she will go jogging and do whatever can let her enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the beautiful life. 
WhatsApp : 8618106796385
E-mail : export@valve-yz.com
Skype : 18106796385 
David Wang   
Outside Sales
He is always happy and enjoy in communicating with clients. His Honesty and Sincerity essence make people willing to do business with him and to be friends in the end. What most important is that he is responsible for each customers. He said if you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done.
Wechat: yz18058723339
Mobile / Whatsapp / Line : +86 18058723339
Skype / E-mail : export1@yuzheng-valve.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/david.liu.9803
Outside Sales & Assistant
Ashely is a sales of WenZhou YuZheng valve company, and focuses primarily on business  sales. She is a lively and active girl and seriously to every customer. She has the courage to try new things. And she conscientious on work, obey the management with high group consciousness.
Mobile/Wechat/Whatsapp : +86-18106799360
E-mail : valve@valve-yz.com
Liu Jun
CNC Engineer & Manager
Liu Jun is the CNC Engineer & Manager at the Wenzhou Yuzheng Valve Company. He has been with our team since 2012. Xu Qing Song is also in charge of expediting orders and assuring all of our products arrive to their customers on time. 
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