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1. Food and medicine application valve
The industry mainly needs stainless steel ball valves, non-toxic all-plastic ball valves and butterfly valves. Among the above 10 types of large-scale valve products, the demand for general-purpose valves is relatively large, such as instrument valves, needle valves, needle-shaped globe valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, ball valves, butterfly valves;
2. Village, urban construction application valve
The urban construction department generally adopts low-pressure valves and is currently developing in the direction of environmental protection and energy conservation. Environmentally friendly rubber plate valves, balancing valves, and mid-line butterfly valves and metal-sealed butterfly valves are gradually replacing low-pressure iron gate valves. Most of the valves used in urban construction in the country are balance valves, soft seal gate valves, butterfly valves, etc.
3. Rural and urban heating valves
In the urban heat generation system, a large number of metal sealing butterfly valves, horizontal balance valves and direct-buried ball valves are needed. Because of such valves, the longitudinal and lateral hydraulic imbalance problems of the pipeline are solved, and the purpose of energy saving and heat balance is achieved.
4. Environmental protection application valve, marine internal environmental protection system
The water supply system mainly needs a midline butterfly valve, a soft seal gate valve, a ball valve, and an exhaust valve (used to remove air from the pipeline). Sewage treatment systems mainly need soft seal gate valves and butterfly valves;
5. Gas Valve
City gas accounts for 22% of the entire natural market, and the valve usage is large, and there are many types. Mainly need ball valve, plug valve, pressure reducing valve, safety valve
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