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High Quality Ball Valves Selection

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High Quality Ball Valves Selection

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  Ball valve is a common type of valve products as the opening and closing parts of an industrial system, the use of the ball around the axis of the stem rotation to realize the opening and closing.  There are many advantages of ball valve, standard size, light weight, fewer parts, easy to use and operate.  The type of ball valve is multiple, according to the basic structure, mainly can be divided into V ball valve, O ball valve, floating ball valve, fixed ball valve, etc..  At present, ball valves have been widely used in oil and gas pipelines, refinery factory and even nuclear industry.  In addition, other industries working in large and medium caliber equipments production and low pressure fields also gradually began to use ball valves.

  The selection of high quality ball valve needs to follow three monitoring items: Appearance Inspection. Torque Testing. Sealing Performance Testing.  1. In appearance, to check whether the ball valve bolt has enough adjustment allowance, ball valve is cracked, thread is defective.  2. When a  inferior ball valve is subjected to a certain value of torque force, it will leak. So we need to carry out a certain anti-torque test in the selection of ball valve, in order to accurately grasp the anti-torque value of the ball valve, distinguish the performance of various ball valves, and apply the torque force consistent with it when put into use.  Torque test can be carried out through the ball valve torque tester.  3. Sealing performance testing is very necessary for ball valves used in medium pressure, high pressure and inflammable hazardous media.  When the test is carried out, the gas in the body should be drained as far as possible, and then pressure, ventilation or water to the ball valve.  If the water tightness test, through the test of the ball valve should be drained of internal water in time, sealed, and coated with anti-rust paint on the sealing surface, closed the inlet and outlet of the ball valve, fill in the test record, for later use.  For the test of unqualified ball valves, should be immediately dismantled inspection, and then re - assembly test.  Ball valve sealing test can also be tested using ball valve sealing detector. 

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