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How to choose good quality valve body

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Good quality valve body with competitive price. 

Our company is located in wenzhou valve base There is a mature industrial chain.Apparently there are many valve body suppliers.So how to choose a suitable supplier for us?


First,the supplier should have a top technological level.Not noly the quality will reach standard,but also timely supply for us.And we comparing with several suppliers of products,pick the best one,whcih the surface is brightness than nomal factory. 


Second,we strictly test the material(SS304,SS316,WCB). 


SS304 NI:8:00-11:00,Cr17:00-19:00; SS316 NI:10:00-14:00,Cr:16:00-18:00.


Then,on the premise of quality assurance,we choose a supplier that supply on time.So we can process more efficient. 

Besides,when the valve body is porcessing.We will check the quality again.Follwing are not selected for clients.



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