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How to choose the right valves.

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1. First of all, we should know which fields of the valves to be involved in, and make sure the purpose of using valves. In order to choose appropriated valve type.

2. Check the valve type, determine the required valve type: ball valve, gate valve, globe valve, throttle valve, plunger valve, butterfly valve, diaphragm valve, check valve, safety valve, trap valve, reducing valve and other special valves, distinguish the type of use.

3. To confirm the main position and function of valves in pipelines, choose materials that are suitable for the working environment. Generally speaking, different pressure pipelines have different requirements for pressure class. So, it's important to make sure about nominal pressure(PN).

4. To confirm the valve applicable medium and medium temperature(℃). Because the corrosion resistance of different materials to the same corrosive medium is very different, temperature change plays a very important role. If not considered, it usually results in a change in material properties and therefore may not reach the desired effect.

5. To confirm the nominal diameter(DN), connection size and type matching the pipeline. In addition, after confirming the way of connection with the pipeline, there are a variety of connection methods, including flange, internal (external) thread, welding type, overlapping type, clamp sleeve, etc. It also need to confirm the valve mode of operation (manual, worm drive, pneumatic, electrical, hydraulic electromagnetic, electrical linkage, etc.). When these confirmations are complete, please complete the class.

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