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How to solve the problem of low temperature steel valves easily stuck pull fixed phenomenon

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Answer: low temperature valve installation, low temperature operation under normal temperature, wide range of temperature.

If the design, improper installation, it is easy to produce heat stress or deformation. 

At the same time, the valve operating part is in normal temperature, circulation in the low temperature. 

In order to reduce cold damage, stem tend to do very long, it is easy to deform and stuck.

Electric valve positioner is also called pneumatic valve positioner, is the main control valve accessories, usually the valve matched with pneumatic, 

it receives the output signal from the regulator, and its output signal to control the pneumatic control valve, 

when the control valve, the stem of the displacement and through the feedback mechanism to the valve positioner, valve position signal to pass through the host system.

After more than 20 years of accumulated experience, and technical engineer electric valve positioner is combined with a large number of on-site repair experience to rational analysis,

 fault of electric valve positioner of the classification, fault analysis and find out the troubleshooting method, the hope can give the instrument industry and help in the installation and debugging of actuator or maintenance of electric valve positioner has.

How many stainless steel valves people not to move or retreat beliefs, carve style, the spirit of tenacious struggle, with youth, ideal and passion to write the history of.

Now, in the company of construction and development of the new journey, all staff adhere to the people-oriented, customer-centric,

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