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Introduction of Valve Handle and Yuzheng

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Now, we have great pleasure in introducing to you about our company - Yuzheng Valve Co.,Ltd.


We have specialized in manufacturing a full sizes of professional valve for over 10 years. According to your request, we could made different kinds of color and shape of valve handle for you.


If you need different color handles discrimination media, we could offer blue, red, white, orange, yellow and green, it will be easy to distinguish the use of valves. Such as blue represents water and red represents oil, it can help you to effectively avoid mistake.


And about the shape of valve handle, there are many different types of valve handles, we could offer for you to select. Like valve handle without lock, butterfly valve handle, cast steel valve handle and so on. According to your demand and design, we can produce stainless steel valve with the handle your need.

 valve handle

The cast steel valve handle is used for some flange valve, it could be used for the valve with high mounting pad. It's easy to disassemble if you don't need it, you could take it down then assemble the pneumatic actuator instead of it. More different designs please feel free to contact with us.


All those valve products are designed and manufactured in according to the related latest international standard and the quality system ISO9001-2008. Most of the valves have been awarded CE certificates, and have been distributed in more than 40 countries.


We supply our valves by OEM and/or in the brand name of YZ” which is our registered trademark


The company will continue to adhere to the operation conception of becoming specialized and stronger” carry forward the enterprise spirit of “quality first, credit first”. In the future, we could endeavour to concentrate on building”YUZHENG” brand and dedicate to provide superior quality products.


Sincerely service for your need!

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