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Reliable Good Quality Ball Valve

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About Ball Valve

   Ball valve , the opening and closing pats ,driven by the valve stem, and around the the ball valve axis for rotary movement of the valve. It can also be used for fluid regulation and control, among which  the hard sealing V-type ball core and has a strong shear force between the V- type ball core and the metal valve seat of hardfacing hard alloy, especially suitable for the media containing fiber, small solid material etc. The multi-pass ball valves in the pipeline can not flexibly control the media confluence, diversion, and flow direction switch, but also can any chanal and make the other two channels connected. This type of cabinet door in the cabinet door in the pipeline should generally be installed horizontally. Ball valve is divided into pneumatic ball valve, manual ball valve according to the driving mode.


  1.  Wear Resistance

The valve core of hard sealing ball valve is alloy steel spray welding, so the hard sealing ball valve will not produce too much wear when switching.( Its hardness coefficient is 65-70).

  2. Good Sealing Performance:

The  sealing of hard sealing ball valve is manually grinding, until the spool and sealing ring can be used completely. So his sealing performane is reliable.

  3. Light Switch:

 The bottom of the sealing ring of the hard sealing ball valve uses a spring to make the sealing ring tightly held together with the spool, so the external force of the spring when the switch is very tight.

  4. Long Service:

  It has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, power generation, paper making, atomic energ, aviation rockets and other departments, as well as people's Daily life.

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