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Successful Foreign Trade Experience

Views: 15     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-22      Origin: Site


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A Successful Foreign Trade Story

Frankly speaking, I have met too many strange customers and had many unforgettable experiences in foreign trade for so many years.

What impressed me most was when I received an inquiry from a Russian customer in June of 2019. At first, he just simply inquired about the price, specifications and many details of several products, but it seemed that he had no intention to place an order.  After a few weeks of follow-up, this client said he wanted to see the actual products, and prepared to order some samples, just a few of the main products.

After the samples were sent, the customer didn't give any feedback. When I asked, the customer only said that the technical department had been evaluating and testing products. 

By June, the client said they had a partner who happened to be in China and wanted to visit the factory.  At that time, the scale of our factory was not large, only small and medium-sized. However, our product line was abundant and multitudinous, and our products were pervasively sold overseas. Compared with many small and medium-sized factories in China, we deeply understood the product needs of foreign customers and always tried to provide the best services, which was our advantage.

Therefore, we thought that since the customer has to arrange to inspect the factory after getting the sample, there should be no problems with the product. As long as the factory has no problem and the price is negotiated appropriately in the later stage, the opportunities of placing orders were definitely going to be more, so we must be careful about the link of the factory inspection.

We did a lot of preparatory work before the partner came to inspect the factory. We learned that he was also from Ruussia. Although we communicated in basic English, we were afraid that we could not communicate clearly in some details, so we specially found a Translator who could speak both Russian and English. Consequently, we left a great impression and added contact ways for each other.

In the process of factory inspection, we told the partner about the situation of the factory and the production process in details. Since our products are sold overseas by years, we were well-recieved by the vast majority of our customers who had completed the order. Having a good understanding of the industry and we are dedicated to make customized exports for different export countries of different products. After hearing all above, Russian partners are very satisfied.

After their return, we also made a timely communication with the customer, the customer also showed a great intention to cooperate with us, then, is a long bargaining cycle.  The customer said that since it was the first time for us to cooperate, we would not order too much, so we just ordered two boxes of products. But actually, their company has a relatively large scale in the local area. Whatever the value of  this order, if the cooperation could be successful, it must will be the first step to establish a long-term and stable business relationship in the future, but the company still hoped that we can reduce the price for this order. Thus, they have been haggling with us on and off, expecting us to give them a lower price.


We were engaged in the production of processing and packaging, with the price increasing of raw material and processing equipment, the profit of products are not high. Moreover, at that time, we just started to expand foreign trade business affairs, and the expenditure in all aspects was very large.  However, the customer insisted on bargaining with us all the time, and we patiently explained to him our advantages and why we could not reduce the price to the price he had in mind. We also made a reasonable concession on the premise without causing our own financial losses.

After making his final offer, the client said he needed to think about it, and there was a really long, long waiting.  We thought this order list might escape, we should let it go and don't feel too much regret.   We do not dare to urge, for fear of disturbing the customer, we just ask our greetings from time to time, until one day, the customer frankly said that they got another supplier, the price is much cheaper, and also expressed the opportunity to cooperate with us, of course we all know this is just supposed to be polite.

At this point, we all know that we need to keep moving on, but after all, we have been getting along well each other for a long time and have good communication, so we have kept in touch with him, just as friends.

Results in August 2021, just when epidemic gradually disappeared and work resumed. Unexpectedly, this customer asked us about a few products' quotation clearly,  and even came to the issues of export customs declaration very soon. Not pulling price with us as usual, I was very surprised, and feel the opportunity is rare.  Sure enough, he said that he had ordered two batches of goods from other suppliers before, although they were cheap, but when they arrived, he found those products' quality is bad or not good enough, so he needed to choose a new supplier and could accept higher price for more superior quality.Therefore, he thought of us first.  He ended up ordering two containers with us.

This is an accidental surprise for us. Since we opened this order, this Ruassian customer has become a reliable friend, not only because of our excellent products, but it also depends on our long-term friendly relationship. In recent years, our factory has been constantly updating production technology and products are constantly improving, which makes all of our customers feel satisfied.

Customers like this, I believe there are many around us, what we can do is not to wait for customers' inquiry, there will be thousands of customers waiting for us, what we need to do is keeping searching clients and treating every customer like our real friends, that will usher in the opportunities.

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