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Valves use classification

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Valves in everyday use,in accordance with use can be divided into the following categories,

to understand the purpose of classification of the valve,the valve for the future application will be of great help!

(1)globe valve:valve globe valve,also known as closed-circuit,whose role is to connect or disconnect the line media.

Cut valve including gate valve,globe valve,rotary valve plug valves,ball valves,butterfly valves and diaphragm valves,etc.

(2)Check Valve:Check valves,also known as one-way valve or check valve,whose role is to prevent the line of medium back.

Pump water off the end of the valve also belong to the class of non-return valve.

(3)Safety valve:valve type is to prevent the tubing or apparatus medium pressure exceeds the set value,so as to chieve the purpose of security.

(4)regulating valve :Valve class includes control valve,throttle valve and pressure relief valve,and its tole is to regulate the media pressure,flow and other parameters.

(5)shunt valve :shunt valve includes a variety distribution valves and traps,etc.,whose role is assigned,the line of separation or mixed media.

(6)exhaust valve:exhaust valve is essential auxiliary pipping system components,widely used in boilers,air conditioning,oil and gas,water supply and drainage canal.

Often installed in the ground or bend,etc.,excluding excess gas pipeline to improve the efficiency of road use tube and reduce energy consumption.


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