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Visited Our Customers in The United States

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Visited Our Customers in The United States


On October 1, 2018, at the invitation of our clients, we visited our customers in the United States and under his leadership, we visited their warehouse in Los Angeles.


The company's warehouse covers an area of about 3,000 square meters. We can see that our 2pc ball valves, 3pc ball valves , tees, elbows and other products are placed on the shelves neatly. The management method of the factory is mainly the 5S management method In large workshops, so many valves and fittings, there is no scattered placement, no panic operation.


According to the order, the workers systematically forked the ball valve with a forklift truck, took out the required products, and concentrated them in the delivery area for repacking and delivery. The corners of the workshop are very clean. The workers work 8 hours a They don't bother, they can talk and laugh, they can't see the exhausted faces here, but they are more relaxed in a relatively pleasant environment.


The customer said that their company has been in the industry for 20 years. The distribution of cargo radiation is all in the United States, with the factory as the center and the radius of 20 kilometers within the same day delivery, the workshop must also ensure That all parts are accurately delivered to the corresponding station, achieving high efficiency and zero inventory.


In addition to the leisure time of work, they may not only relax, but also relax. It also makes me feel very friendly by being able to reduce the visual fatigue caused by long hours of work.


After the one-hour visit, the customer gave us the quality of our valve products and hoped that both of us would maintain a close cooperation during the Sino-US trade friction.


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