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What Are The Reasons That Lead To The Low Inlet And High Outlet of The Globe Valve

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Globe valves are the most common valves used in water treatment projects, where the connections are flanged, screwed and welded. This type of valve is very suitable for cutting off or regulating and throttling.


Because of this type of valve stem opening or closing stroke is relatively short, and has a very reliable cut-off function, but also because of the valve seat orifice changes with the valve stroke is proportional to the relationship between the valve, is very suitable for the regulation of the flow.

The valve is designed as low inlet and high outlet, the purpose is to make the flow resistance is small, when opening the valve to save labor. At the same time, when the valve is closed, the valve shell and valve cover between the gasket and the packing around the valve stem is not subject to force, not to be subjected to media pressure and temperature for a long time by the action of the service life can be extended, reducing the chance of leakage.

In addition, this can also be replaced in the valve closed state or add packing, easy maintenance. In general, the cut-off valve is low into the high out, however, there are some special circumstances cut-off valve is high into the low out, which has the following four cases:


The first, two globe valves in series on the bypass line, the second globe valve requires "high in, low out".

In order to ensure the tightness of a maintenance cycle of the valve, often open and close the valve requires the installation of two series of shut-off valves.

According to the direction of media flow bypass shut-off valves were primary and secondary valves, in order to prevent padding and packing for a long time by the media and temperature, as well as to facilitate the replacement of the secondary valve requires the installation of the direction of the "high in low out".

The second, the electromagnetic quick disconnect valve. The function of the electromagnetic quick-break valve is to close quickly and cut off the fuel supply rapidly.

The third, the boiler exhaust, venting globe valve. Boiler exhaust, venting globe valve is only used in the boiler start-up water process, opening and closing frequency is small, but often due to poor sealing and cause loss of quality, in order to improve the tightness of the power plant will be installed in the direction of such globe valves, "high into the low out".

The fourth, the diameter is greater than 100mm high-pressure disconnecting valve. Due to the large diameter valve sealing performance is poor, using this method of globe valve in the closed state, the media pressure on the valve flap above, in order to increase the sealing of the valve.

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