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Yuzheng valve company fighting the COVID-19

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   The "Super Lunar New Year Holiday" has come to an end, and resumption of work in the context of national defense epidemic is imminent. Fighting the epidemic and resuming work steadily are the only choices at present. Fighting the epidemic requires a stable mindset, a stable method, and a stable implementation of the word "stable". Resumption of work and resumption of production must still follow the sixteen-character policy of "firm confidence, mutual help, scientific prevention and control, and precise policy". The stable deployment of Yuzheng Valve, the stable implementation of the company, and the stable mentality of all employees ensured that every step of the way can be achieved, and finally read a new chapter of "Resuming Work and Resuming Production".

        Until the end of March, Yuzheng valve company resumed work in full, production is in an orderly manner, and some orders have been completed ahead of time and delivered to customers. At the same time, we sent a large number of masks to our overseas customers to help foreign customers fight the epidemic!

         Come on China, come on the world, work together to fight the virus!

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