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Zhejiang Yuzheng Valve Technology Company had an exhibition on China(South Africa) Trade Fair

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Zhejiang Yuzheng valve technology company was founded in 2011. Since its inception, we have participated in exhibitions in more than 20 countries, accumulated a lot of customer resources, and make the deal more than tens of millions of dollars.

As a large import and export country, South Africa has a high demand for valve products. For a valve manufacturer like us, we are trying to open the

the market of South Africa.

Because of the particular epidemic this year, we choose to join the China(South Africa) Trade Fair exhibition online. During this exhibition, we mainly prepared the ball valve series sample, such as one piece ball valve with thread connection, two pieces thread ball valve with iso mounting pad;  two pieces flanged ball valve; three pieces thread ball valve; three pieces ball valve with butt weld connection; three pieces socket weld ball valve; three pieces clamp ball valve and three-way ball valve with ISO mounting pad. When the customers look at the samples, we prepare a catalog to help them understand our products and record their demand and contact information simultaneously.

Although the result could not have been better than previous exhibitions, we still attracted professionals from several areas to negotiate with us regarding the ball valve sample. Such as  Mr. swadam, who is from the field of agriculture, has an agricultural processing base of 100,000 square meters. Mr. thabang, who comes from the chemical industry, specializes in providing valve solutions for chemical factories .and received many inquiries from local retailers and wholesalers.

Overall, we have received more than 200 sales contact information from professionals in the valve area. So this is a successful exhibition without a doubt.

After the exhibition in South Africa, we will continue to follow up with our clients and prepare for our next show.

We would like to meet you at our next exhibition


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