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How to deal with stainless steel ball valve leak

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Valves often leak during long periods of use. The outer leakage of the valve, the proportion of the valve packing is the largest. Wenzhou Yuzheng Valve Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of ball valves. For the selection of valves, combined with the customer's working conditions, we recommend the most suitable valves and provide long-term quality after-sales service.


For the leakage at the packing, let us analysis now.


1. The packing seal is not selected correctly, it is not resistant to the corrosion of the medium, and is not resistant to the use of high pressure or vacuum, high temperature or low temperature of the valve;

2. The packing seal is not installed correctly, and there are defects such as small generation, poor spiral coiled joints, tightness and looseness;

3. packing seal exceeds service life, has aged, loses elasticity

4. The valve stem has low precision and defects such as bending, corrosion and wear.

5. The number of packing rings is insufficient, and the gland is not pressed;

6. Damage to the gland, bolts, and other components so that the gland cannot be pressed;

7. Improper operation, excessive force, etc.;

8. The gland is skewed, and the gap between the gland and the valve stem is too small or too large, causing the stem to wear and the packing to be damaged.

Maintenance method:

1. The material and type of the packing shall be selected according to the working conditions;

2. According to the relevant provisions of the correct installation of packing, the packing should be placed in a ring-by-turn compression, the joint should be 30 ° C or 45 ° C;

3. packing seal that are too long, aging, and damaged should be replaced in time;

4. After the valve stem is bent and worn, it should be straightened and repaired. If the damage is serious, it should be replaced in time;

5. The packing shall be installed according to the specified number of turns, the gland shall be tightly and symmetrically tightened, and the press sleeve shall have a pre-tightening clearance of more than 5 mm;

6. Damaged glands, bolts and other components should be repaired or replaced in time;

7. The operating procedures shall be observed, and the normal force shall be operated at a constant speed in addition to the impact hand wheel;

8. The gland bolt should be tightened evenly and symmetrically. The gap between the gland and the stem should be too small. The gap should be increased properly. The gap between the gland and the stem should be too large and should be 

    Here is the pictures of 3 way ball valve with eletric actuator, after long time using, the stem of valve is leaking, after we replace packing seals, everything is fine with system now.

3 Way Ball valve with eletric actuator_副本

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