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Invited to The Industry Investment Recommendation Meeting

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Invited to The Industry Investment Recommendation Meeting

On October 23, 2018, Secretary of the Huaining County Party Committee of Anhui Province, Guo Jiaman, led more than ten people to Wenzhou Yuzheng Valve Co., Ltd. to hold an industry investment recommendation meeting. General Manager Wang Jielai and deputy general manager Wang Xiaoyan received and participated in the meeting.


In 2018, Huaining (Wenzhou) first industry investment year and cum, high-end equipment manufacturing special investment activities were held in Wenzhou from October 23 to 25, 2018. Located in the southwestern part of Anhui Province, Huaining enjoys an advantageous geographical location, convenient transportation, rich materials and mineral resources, excellent investment environment, sufficient supply of water, electricity and gas, full coverage of telecommunications and network, sufficient land reserves and guaranteed human resources. Huaining is located in the Nanjing Metropolitan Area, Wuhan Economic Circle, Hefei Economic Circle, and the Poyang Lake Economic Circle. It is an important node for the convergence of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the Greater Beijing-Kowloon Economic Belt. It has a solid industrial base and tremendous development. potential.


As one of the invited units of the recommendation meeting, Wenzhou Yuzheng Valve Co., Ltd. has witnessed the development in recent years. Through years of development, Yuzheng Valve has grown into one of the best in the valve and pipe fittings industry. Its products are exported to Italy, South Korea, United States, Mexico and other countries and regions, the products are widely recognized by customers for their excellent quality and reliable delivery time.


During the meeting, Secretary Guo Shuman introduced the development status of Huaining, and sincerely invited Yuzheng Valve to visit Huaining. Wang Jielai, general manager of Yuzheng Valve, expressed strong interest and expects both parties to cooperate and win in the future.


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