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What's the Difference Between Cryogenic Valve and General-purpose Valve?

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With the rapid development of high-tech industries, the speed of information transmission has been accelerated, and the pace of the valve market has been accelerating. In foreign markets, foreign visitors have a high rate of visits, and good prospects have brought unprecedented opportunities and challenges to the valve industry.


Yuzheng Valve is planning well, improving its own competitiveness, with earnest attitude and solid style, continuous efforts, continuous innovation, and further enlarge the overseas market!


The working environment of cryogenic valves is quite different from that of general-purpose valves. In addition to the general rules of valve design, manufacturing and inspection, the design, manufacture and inspection of cryogenic valves should also pay attention to the environment in which the cryogenic valves are located, with appropriate adjustments.


According to the use requirements of the Russian customer tank equipment, we have customized a low temperature ball valve that can withstand temperature -60 °. The ball valve, the two-piece ball valve, the ball and the stem are all stainless steel 316, and the seal is made of PPL. The use is characterized by simple operation and can be changed at any time, while ensuring normal flow when the medium passes through the ball valve.


Since 2011 Yuzheng has been manufacturing and exporting stainless steel valves & carbon steel valves & pipe fittings all over the world. The articles we produce including Ball Valve, Check Valve, Globe Valve, Gate Valve, Butterfly Valve, Strainer, Pipe Fittings and so on.


All of them are ISO9001 & CE approved.


"Quality is our culture." This is not only our company's motto, but also our commitment to customers. Our strict production and professional sales team will be your guarantee during the cooperation period, if you are a professional in these products, please feel free to join us.


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