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Maybe you are a Valve purchasing manager, who are looking for high quality Valve, and Yuzheng Valve Co.,Ltd are a professional manufacturer & supplier that can meet your needs. Not only Valve we produced have certificated the international industry standard, but we can also meet your customization needs. We provide online, timely service and you can get professional guidance on Valve. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you are interested in Valve, we won't let you down.
  • Double Half Shaft Butterfly Valve
    Butterfly valves can be used to control the flow of various types of fluids such as air, water, steam, various corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive media. It mainly plays the role of cutting and throttling on the pipeline. The butterfly valve opening and closing part is a disc-shaped butterfly plate, which rotates around its own axis in the valve body to achieve the purpose of opening and closing or adjustment.
    Product Description
    Small and lightweight, easy to disassemble and maintain, can be installed in any position.
    Simple and compact structure.
    Small operating torque, labor-saving and lightweight.
    Small flow resistance, good adjustment performance.
    The number of opening and closing tests reaches tens of thousands of times, long life.
    Achieve complete sealing, gas test leakage is zero.
    Wide range of applicable media.
    The product is installed in petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, textile, paper, hydropower, shipping, water supply and drainage, smelting and other systems, in all corrosive, non-corrosive gases, liquids, semi-fluids and solid powder pipelines and containers as a regulator and interceptor, can be installed in any position.
  • Cast Iron Globe Valve
    Product features
    1、Compact structure, reasonable design, good rigidity of the valve, smooth channel, small flow coefficient 2、Sealing surface using stainless steel and hard alloy, long service life 3、Adopting flexible graphite packing, reliable sealing, lightweight and flexible operation
    Globe valve, also known as the cut-off valve is the most widely used type of valve, it is popular because of the opening and closing process between the sealing surface of the friction is small, more durable, open height is not large, easy to manufacture, easy maintenance, not only for low and medium pressure, but also for high pressure. The closing principle of the globe valve is to rely on the pressure of the valve bar, so that the valve sealing surface and the valve seat sealing surface close to prevent the flow of media. Globe valve only allows the medium to flow in one direction, the installation of directional. Globe valve structure length is greater than the gate valve, while the fluid resistance, long-term operation, sealing reliability is not strong.
  • Solenoid Valve
    Solenoid valve is an industrial equipment controlled by electromagnetic, is used to control the basic components of fluid automation, belongs to the actuator, is not limited to hydraulic, pneumatic. Used in industrial control systems to adjust the direction of media, flow, speed and other parameters. The solenoid valve can be combined with different circuits to achieve the desired control, and the precision and flexibility of the control can be guaranteed. There are many kinds of solenoid valves, different solenoid valves play a role in different positions of the control system, the most commonly used are check valves, safety valves, direction control valves, speed regulating valves and so on.
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